2019 Annual Report to the Community


We are excited to report that in 2019 we celebrated our 5-year anniversary.  We have exceeded our expectations and goals.  Over the last five years, A Feral Haven has helped 83 caregivers, spayed 282 females, neutered 179 males, shared 11,437 pounds of hard food, 536 pounds of soft food and 53 pounds of treats.  By spaying 282 females, we predict that our services saved 1,692 kittens from being born.  See the Outcomes section to see the research that created that number.

We never would have been able to achieve these goals without our caregivers, generous donors and volunteers.  A special thank you to C-Snip, Macs Landing, Harbor Humane Society, Dr. Wendy Swift, local businesses, organizations and the numerous groups that assisted us in fundraising.

The Board of Directors hope that the next 5 years will be even more successful in providing caregivers support and services and supporting cats that have been abandoned, lost, or were born outdoors.

To assist outdoor cats, please donate and/or volunteer so TNR will continue in your community.

Thank you,

Carleen Bauer


Board of Directors

 PET FOOD PANTRY – Provided by Harbor Humane Society

If you are low income status and cannot support your pet, we welcome you to utilize our pet food pantry once a month.

Please present your proof of low income status at our pantry on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 3 – 6 pm.

Location: 100 Aniline N, Holland, MI 49424