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Feral/Community Cat Information

We would like to share some great news for feral cat caregivers in Muskegon County. Our friends at Lakeshore Pet Alliance have informed us that there are grant funds available for feral cat spay/neuter in Muskegon County. Caregivers should contact Pound Buddies at (231) 724-6500 for details. This is a great opportunity for community cats in Muskegon County! The funds are only available for a limited time and only for cats residing in Muskegon County. Please share and act promptly. Thank you!”


2016 Impact:

Help us continue to control the feral/community cat population and assist caregivers that manage their colonies.

 In 2016, we spayed/neutered 96 cats.  58 of those were females. We saved Ottawa County from the potential of 348 kittens being born to fend for themselves and continue the cycle of procreation.

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