Current Accomplishments

Current 2016 Accomplishments

January- November

20 new caregivers/colonies registered

93 cats trapped & received vouchered services (2 previously neutered)

2 kittens spayed (previously homed by caregiver)

4 injured cats received veterinary services

15 kittens removed from colonies & admitted to HHS for socialization & adoption

4 adoptable socialized kittens from a colony serviced

2 young at-risk un-socialized cats adopted

1 Allegan Shelter cat introduced into new colony

4 At-Risk cats relocated to a partnering caregiver colony

2100+ pounds of dry cat food shared

68+ pounds of moist food shared

30+ pounds of cat treats shared

19 huts distributed

1 enclosure purchased for a colony project

*Approximately 250 cats have received support through our programs since we were established in December 2014*

The above accomplishments were made possible through the hard work of our partnering colony caregivers, cooperating animal welfare organizations, and volunteers. Services, food, and shelters were provided through generous material and financial donations from individuals, businesses, and granting foundations.