Current Accomplishments

Current 2018 Accomplishments

Caregivers: 14 new caregivers/colonies registered

Spay/Neuter Services:   Each cat was spayed/neutered, ear tipped, and received vaccinations

  • 105 cats from 23 different locations received services through our voucher program
  • 60 females & 45 males

Veterinarian Services:

  • 1 injured cat received veterinarian treatment
  • 3 ill/injured cats received veterinarian consultation
  • 1 cat was humanely euthanized

Food Shared:

  • 2234 pounds of dry food
  • 109 ounces of moist food
  • 32 ounces of cat treats


  • 4 existing Haven Huts redistributed

Happenings at Colonies:

This section acknowledges the variety of events that have occurred to our partnering caregivers in 2018.  We rejoice with them when the news is good and offer our condolences when the news is sad:

  • 7 cats from 2 colonies were relocated to barn homes
  • 20 kittens were admitted to local shelters/rescues or placed into homes directly through caregivers
  • 3 cats were “dropped off” and accepted into existing colonies
  • 6 cats reported missing or have died


We continue to develop opportunities to utilize volunteers.

  • 8 volunteers donated 614 hours