Caregiver Program

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Join our “A S.P.O.T. IN HAVEN” Caregiver Program

             S: Spay/Neuter

             P: Protect

             O: Opportunity

             T: Trust


A Feral Haven’s main goal is to support what you are already doing or maybe you want to start a colony of your own.

S: It is imperative to Spay/neuter your current colony and any new additions that may join.

P: We want to Protect your colony from the elements including a warm place to sleep and providing shelter from predators.

O: We believe that every cat deserves an Opportunity at living a healthy and full life which requires food and medical assistance.

T: We also want to gain their Trust so they will feel safe and secure in your colony.

In return:

  • You will be provided with a Case Manager, so you will have one contact

A Feral Haven would ask for:

  • Monthly/Quarterly census updates
  • Use of photos of the colony for grant funding purposes and advertisements